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Commission a Master Copy 
Own a copy of a master painting to hang in your home! Choose a favorite artwork, and commission a replica.


At the first meeting or conversation, the artist and client will discuss and agree upon:

  • The artwork to be copied

  • Size of the painting

  • Location the painting will hang

  • Pricing

  • Contract signing


Size are to be agreed upon between the client and the artist.

What kinds of artwork can be reproduced?

The artist focuses primarily on realistic, figurative and representational work.

Contract and Procedure

Once details of the subject(s) and size of the copy have been agreed upon, a contract will be presented and signed by both parties, setting out the terms of the final painting and the payment schedule. The payment will be delivered in three parts. The timeline is outlined here:

  • First: at the signing of the contract, the client will pay a non-refundable deposit, for a third of the total payment. This deposit covers materials and initial costs. The scope of the master copy project will be discussed and outlined in the contract; if any changes or cropping are to be made to the original composition, this will be addressed.

  • Second: a second non-refundable third of the total payment will be paid at the delivery and approval of a small study of the final master copy painting, to be presented to the client. 

  • Last: a final payment*, the remaining third, is paid upon completion and delivery of the painting. At this point, the client may request changes. 

    • *The client has the right to refuse the final painting if they are dissatisfied, in which case they will be released of obligation to submit the last payment. 


Pricing is variable depending on the size and complexity of the artwork, and will be determined between the client and the artist. To inquire about pricing, contact Chantal with details about your proposed artwork here. 



The time allotted for the entire process, from start to finish, will be agreed upon by the artist and client, and included in the contract. The allotted time will start either at the signing of the contract when the first deposit is paid, or when a study is approved.



Frames and framing services are not included in the total cost of the painting. The artist is happy to assist the client in picking out a frame, and, if the client desires, can deliver the final painting in the frame. The cost of the frame can be paid separately by the client directly to the framer, or can be paid to the artist upon delivery. The cost of the frame, if billed additionally by the artist, is non-refundable.


The frame can be ordered to be ready at the same time as the painting, though waiting to see the final artwork is recommended.

Ready to find out more and start the process? Contact Chantal! 

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